Reflection: My Childhood

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Looking at my 9-month-old son, I take myself back to when I was a child, as back as I can remember. Every time I remember an incident, a story, a person, I find myself spacing out in a beautiful world. A world, full of innocence, discovery, and excitement.

I remember chasing my brother Adeeb wherever he goes.  There is this story I always remember;

I always cry and protest to Mom about Adeeb leaving to play soccer or simply not taking me with him to hang out with his friends.  I used to wait for him, and as expected he comes around Maghrib, and I am right there in front of the house telling him with a huge smile on my face and excitement that Mom will punish him for being late.

I remember  being one of the nerds of my class and my teachers’ pet and tattletale.  I remember siding with the bullied students and getting hurt at fights. I went to Shohateee [ Picture below as well ] School. I remember school breaks where we used to go to a near by store and buy “Salsa” and “Abu Walad Biscuits”…

Ahhh…They were the Good Ol’ Times FOR SURE 🙂

Here is a great song about childhood by Ali Ben Mohammed, Enjoy it

  • Hesham

    Childhood is the best stage in our life but we fail to realize it until we become older.

    Nice piece and I love the song.

    • Thanks for passing by Heshoom 🙂 You can tell us some of your childhood stories too …

  • Erin

    I love your blog theme can you tell me the name of it or where you downloaded it? thanks.

  • You just reminded me of my childhood! It was the best stage of my life.

    So you loved it when your bro got punished? your slyyy lol

    Since you were one of the nerds in your class am guessing you weren't ever hit by your teacher?