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Ask Yourself: Why Education?

Ask Yourself: Why Education?

By: Hesham Hussain

M.S. Chemical Engineering, SJSU

No one can deny the fact that the Yemenis in America are not seizing the opportunity of education. With the lack of education, we are living in an environment that is closed, and basically boring. A typical Yemeni-American lives a routine life between work, home, and annual visits to Yemen. Life passes by and nothing changes. The person stays the same intellectually. The only thing that changes in a person is the age. And then what happens next? Nothing! The same thing is repeated over generations. Since Yemenis started migrating to America in the 1920’s and 1930’s, history repeated itself for many generations and until this point. If we compare ourselves to other minorities, we can easily see the difference.

Now, if we go to a university in a city that has a significant number of Yemenis, the number of Yemeni student won’t go beyond what you can count with your 10 fingers. The reasons are many, but let’s not talk about that. Let’s see what Yemenis are depriving themselves from:

School has always been thought to be boring, difficult, and in some instances, time wasting. Is this true? If you ask any professional (doctor, engineer, lawyer, teacher, journalist, etc.) they will tell you they want to go back to school because it is so much fun. Let’s not talk about the importance of education because that’s normal and old. Instead, let’s talk about how fun education is:

Do you know how much of a relief do you get out of studying hard for an exam and getting a high score on it? Do you know how exciting it is when you compete with our peers in class for attaining knowledge? Have you ever tasted the sweetness of knowing how things work? Do you know how much self-esteem you earn when you attend a conference full of key figures in your community? Do you know that you will meet you best friends in college? Can you imagine how much activities you can have with them?

Okay, now what? After school, will it be boring?

Do you know the enjoyment and pride you get when you meet with a CEO or a president? How about you become a CEO yourself? Do you realize the feeling that you get when you make, do, write, or say something that can positively impact someone’s life? Do you know what a professional job gives you? What will your life style be? Will you be locked in one place for 14 hours a day? Or will you just work 8 hours a day and have the weekend off? What’s better? Having a lot of money that you don’t have time to spend? Or having enough money that you spend and enjoy?

Attend school, go to college, get a professional job, and you will answer these questions easily.

Basically, education will shift your life 180 degrees. And this shift is to the better insha’Allah.

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