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Being Active..Be a leader!

Being active is the way to go these days. Active in the work place, school, and community. Why?

1. Gaining very valuable experience
2. Networking with people from different fields and background
3. Getting into top schools with reasonable GPA
4. Getting promoted at your job
5. Getting scholarships (free money)
6. Recognition and respect from others
7. Finding your first professional job
8. Getting a better job
9. Having a self satisfaction (by feeling productive)
and most of all
10. Get the best reward from Allah for doing good (most important of all).

1. TIME (but not much, trust me!)

AAYSP is a chance to be active, don’t lose it. Join the chapter in your area and participate!

Participate. Learn. Teach. Advice. Promote. Benefit.

If you don’t know how to be active, just ask! There are lots of ways you can be active.

Please, feel free to add to both lists. Let’s see how many we can get.

Hesham Hussain