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Letter to President Obama

Dear Mr. President Barack H. Obama,

Mr. President
Mr. President

Since the attempted terrorist attack on December 25th in Detroit, the world eyes are on Yemen. Yemen, the country labeled now as the “heaven for terrorists.” The media started its intensive coverage on Yemen upon AlQaida in the Arabian Peninsula (which is actually in Yemen) declared its responsibility for the attempt bombing. Britian started calling for an international conference on Yemen, and supporting the Yemeni government in its two war fronts, against the Qaida terrorists in Ibyan and the Hawithees rebels in Sa’da. In addition to the two war fronts the Yemeni government is tackling, the rebels in the south are yet to be another front to make a “Tripartite war”. Though if you take a closer look at Yemen, one of the poorest countries in the Middle East and see why it has been in this state, you would immediately discover many hot indicators that lead Yemen to be an unstable country. Now that all eyes are on Yemen, let’s look at the actual factors that led to this disaster.

Corrupt Government

Now you may say I am anti-government when I say “corrupt government”; thoughPresident Ali Saleh acknowledged himself the presence of corruption in his government. The dishonesty and dictatorship in Yemen is the main cause of the rise of the terrorism, separation, and rebels.

Weak ‘Useless’ Opposition

The opposition in Yemen is taking the “status que” not taking any major sides or taking effort to raise their opposition. Sometimes I wonder, what the “Mushtrak”, the opposition parties are waiting for?! Their differences between themselves are far more complicated than their differences between themselves and the government!

Yemen on the brick of COLLAPSE?

Many analysts have been projecting Yemen to be a “Failed State” and are expecting its economic system to collapse within the coming five years. Where is the current government taking us?!!!!!


No one can argue that education is the door to a saga with no poverty. With real education, the change will start. With education, open minded youth will not be recruited to be law breakers and criminals. With solid education, entrepreneurs rise to compete to build a new country. With education, Yemenis can build a country similar to their neighboring Gulf States. With education, Yemenis can leave Qat and grow coffee. And last but not least, with education, Yemenis can elect an educated President.

So Mr. President, Barack Obama, I commend your efforts to “fix” Yemen but “fixing” Yemen requires change within, with educating the Yemeni people, not handing them new weapons. And as Thomas Friedman said, “For every Predator missile we fire at an Al Qaeda target here[meaning Yemen], we should help Yemen build 50 new modern schools that teach science and math and critical thinking — to boys and girls.”

I wish Yemen safety and prosperity. Yemen is beautiful and needs to get out of this mess to show the world its beauty.

Bottom Line:
With education, Yemen will bring “good” change to its self and bring peace and
democracy to Yemen.

Yours Truly,
Shab Adel
Yemeni American from Detroit