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MYSA Third Week of 8th Annual Tournament: Future Stars big win over Sporting Michigan

MYSA Third Week of 8th Annual Tournament: Future Stars big win over Sporting Michigan

Taylor, MI: The winter tournament of the Michigan Yemen Sports Association [MYSA] finished its 3rd week in both of its divisions last Saturday, November 17th at Taylor Sportplex with big wins for Shabab AlYemen of Dearborn and Future Stars of Hamtramck.

The first game in the 1st division was between Unity Club & Al-Tilal was not a competitive one. Unity controlled the all game long and won the game with 11 goals to 5. Below is a rundown of the game’s main events:
[First Half – Unity Club vs. Al-Tilal Club]
01:00 Unity attacking first from both sides, left and right.
05:00 Nasser Algabri finding himself alone with the goalie scores the first goal for Unity
07:00 George from the other side brings another goal for Unity
09:00 Nasser Algabri adds the 3rd goal with very minimum effort from Al-Tilal’s defense.
12:00 Al-Tilal finally bring a goal to get back in the game
14:00 #8 of Unity gets a long ball from Nasser to score the 4th goal
20:00 #9 of Unity adds the 5th goal making the score 5-1.
23:30 Al-Tilal come back again at the end of the half to score the 2nd goal.
[Second Half – Unity vs. Al-Tilal]
06:00 It didn’t take long for Unity to add their 6th goal
10:00 With continuous domination by Unity, #19 scores the 7th goal. No real resistance from Al-Tilal finding themselves helpless.
15:00 George of Unity adds 8th goal while Al-Tilal have no clear finishes at the other end.
16:00 A minute later, Nasser Algabri (Man of the Match) adds the 9th goal for Unity
18:00 Al-Tilal come back, but too late with their 3rd goal at the 18th minute.
20:00 Nasser Algabri adds the 10th goal for Unity
23:00 #19 of Unity adds the 11th goal.
24:00 Last minute, own goal by Mohamed Gilan and another goal by Al-Tilal to finish the game with the score 11-5

The second game was a very anticipated competitive game between Sporting Michigan & Future Stars of Hamtramck. The game began with fierce attack by Sporting Michigan.
[First Half – Sporting Michigan vs. Future Stars]
08:00 Foul on Ahmed by #20 of Sporting Michigan with great reaction from the fans. Future Stars midfield Baleegh Algahaim scores a superb goal at the 10th minute igniting the bleechers.
11:00 F.S. goalie blocks hard shots from fouls by can’t block the 4th shot at him, with #23 Noor scoring the first goal for Sporting Michigan tying the game.
15:00 Nice build up by Future Stars with Baleegh instrumenting great attacks with great counter attacks by Sporting Michigan. Great performance by both goalies keeping the score 1:1 at half.

[2nd Half – Sporting Michigan vs. Future Stars]

In the second half, Future Stars completely changed their strategy and started attacking from right side scoring two goals while Sporting Michigan started their style in the game. Mojeeb was the man who brought the 3rd goal for the Stars at the 8th minute in the second half. Sporting Michigan lost all elements of a team in the second half. Adeeb Assarawi of Future Stars, back midfield who had two goals in the game was the man of the match.
“We prepared very well. We expected a tough team. We played cautiously in the 1st half and closed on them in the second.” Assarawi affirmed.
Coach Algahaim was content with the performance of the team in the second half except the last few minutes. “We controlled the game well, but we still need to learn how to play the game in the same energy and passion till the last second.” He added.
Other goals came in for Future Stars to have a close to a blow-out game. However, Coach Algahaim took out the starters and exchanged them with others in the last five minutes. Sporting Michigan were able to get 3 goals in just 2 minutes ending the game 7-5.

There was a concurrent game at the other field between team Iraqi (A) and Galaxy which ended 5-4 for the Galaxy.

The last game of the night was a derby between Al-Shabab and Shabab AlYemen. Shabab Al-Yemen were superior to Al-Shabab beating them 4-1.

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