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Nightmare of Graduation!

“You’re the class of 2010.” A statement that is said at every graduation ceremony held this year. However, no one senses the meaning of it, except those graduates who are setting down on their chairs, so eager to stand up and throw their caps high above their heads in celebration of completing the hard, yet joyful task of earning a degree. The amount of happiness a graduating feels is indescribable. It is as if a heavy burden has been lifted off your back. This happiness comes after the sleepless nights, spending more hours at the library than at home or work, exhausting the brain with thinking, dealing with projects’ deadlines, stressful exams, challenging professors, and a ruthless lifestyle.

As you walk up to the stage and walk across it, a million thought comes to your mind. Here are some of these thoughts: What if I trip and fall as I am walking on the stage? What if my name isn’t pronounced correctly? I hope my camera man has a clear shot as I receive my diploma. My friends better make some noise when my name is announced. The cap I am wearing is uncomfortable! Should I wave my hand or do something stupid as I walk across the stage? I want to be different. I want to be noticed. How can I do that?

Graduation day is a special day, not only for the graduate, but for your family and friends as well. The family feels the pride and joy of their child’s accomplishment, while others are happy because you’re happy. The cameras flash left and right before your eyes; hugs and kisses attack you like never before. All of that happens so quickly; the next thing you realize is that it is all over!

The lifestyle that you have endured in the last few years will change. Those good old days are over. You’re no longer a student, you’re now a professional. The people around you are expecting more from you. They expect you to have a decent job with a good salary. Some graduates succeed in securing a job even before graduation, but for those that don’t, the happiness of graduating evaporates instantly. And during an economic downturn and slow recovery, the percentage of worried graduates surpasses the happy ones. Days pass by, followed by weeks, then months, and nothing! No calls for interviews, not even an e-mail about a job. Being successful in getting a job becomes a problem and the graduates become very disappointed and unpleased with what has happened. You start imprisoning yourself to negative thoughts and attitude, but it is not the end of the world.

Never regret graduation, and don’t forget how happy you were when you graduated. Don’t let a delay in earning a job brake you. And if you imprison yourself, remember that you have the key to unlock the prison cell. Here are some tips on how to turn a delay in finding employment into a pleasant experience:

1. Don’t give up on applying, but improve the way you apply for jobs by:
a. Changing the resume’s format and content
b. Being selective of the job types you are seeking
c. Improving your interview skills and practicing them
2. Stay active and volunteer your time by:
a. Joining non-profit organizations
b. Participating in community service
c. Becoming a leader and taking initiatives

3. Take certification courses, like:
a. Taking short-term courses
b. Earning a diploma in a skill that is helpful
c. Take open university courses

4. Work for free:
a. Find the job you desire and offer to work for free to gain experience
b. Try to even ask to only cover the expenses for performing the job

5. Start studying for a license related to your major of study
a. State professional licenses in a specialty
b. Federal licenses
c. Local licenses

6. Purse higher education or another degree
a. Master’s degree in your field
b. MBA, which is good for any field if you want to get into management
c. Ph.D. Think about it, it might be what you want to pursue
d. Bachelor’s degree in field that you’re extremely interested in. It is never too late!

7. Practice your hobby
a. Join a sports tournament
b. Do any form of art that you’re interested in
c. Travel if you have the means to do it. Travel locally, or internationally.
d. Read!

Simply, do something, anything. Don’t let your time go to waste switching from one channel to another on your satellite TV. Don’t turn your brain cells off by sitting and doing meaningless things. Don’t forget the happy moment of graduation. Stay happy.

Hesham Hussain