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Reflection: My Childhood

Looking at my 9-month-old son, I take myself back to when I was a child, as back as I can remember. Every time I remember an incident, a story, a person, I find myself spacing out in a beautiful world. A world, full of innocence, discovery, and excitement.

I remember chasing my brother Adeeb wherever he goes.  There is this story I always remember;

I always cry and protest to Mom about Adeeb leaving to play soccer or simply not taking me with him to hang out with his friends.  I used to wait for him, and as expected he comes around Maghrib, and I am right there in front of the house telling him with a huge smile on my face and excitement that Mom will punish him for being late.

I remember  being one of the nerds of my class and my teachers’ pet and tattletale.  I remember siding with the bullied students and getting hurt at fights. I went to Shohateee [ Picture below as well ] School. I remember school breaks where we used to go to a near by store and buy “Salsa” and “Abu Walad Biscuits”…

Ahhh…They were the Good Ol’ Times FOR SURE 🙂

Here is a great song about childhood by Ali Ben Mohammed, Enjoy it