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Take Your Souls to the Polls صوتك أمانة !!

A newsletter I enjoyed reading from MAS-Chicago..
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Take Your Souls to the Polls

صوتك امانة.. ادها يوم الثلاثاء

Top 10 Reasons to Get Out and Vote on this Tuesday On Nov 2nd

1. To Speak Your Mind: Your vote is your voice. It tells elected officials how you feel about education, crime, social security, and other important issues.

2. To Control Our Future: Elected officials make decisions that affect our lives daiMAS Logoly. From budget priorities, to racial profiling, to jobs and social security. The individuals we vote for will make decisions about our quality of life. Federal judges are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate and have lifetime tenure in the courts. Therefore, when we vote, we are also voting for what kind of judges and justices will be appointed to the courts.

3. To Make Them Listen: Your vote is your loudspeaker. When we turn out to vote, you can bet that the politicians know it – and you can be sure, when we all crank up that loudspeaker, they’ll pay attention to what we have to say.

4. For Our Children: Our children can’t vote – so we have to do it for them. That’s how we make our view known about schools, safety, housing, and other issues that will affect our children’s future.

5. For Our Community: Do you ever wonder why one neighborhood gets passed over for the things it needs while other neighborhoods seem to get it all? One big reason is voting. When we vote, we get results we can see right where we live.

6. For Yourself: Let’s face it – it’s no fun to sit on the sidelines and complain. To win the game, you have to be in it. Voting puts you in the game that counts most of all – democracy.

7. To Honor Our History: As long as this country has existed there have been people who didn’t want others to vote; many have been beaten, humiliated, and killed for stading up for the right to vote. Well, guess what? Today, there are still people who don’t want us to vote. And it’s our turn to stand up and vote and preserve and honor the sacrifice of those who went before us.

8. To Stop Something: Voting lets you stop complaining about things in your community.

9. To Start Something: It puts you in the driver’s seat instead of at the back of the bus.

10. To Win: In every election year, some races are decided by just a handful of votes. Those who vote demand respect. When we vote, we win.

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