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The Yemeni American Net celebrates its 4th Year Anniversary with premier of Yemeni Voices in America

About 110 people witnessed the Premier of the first Yemeni American documentary film produced by the Yemeni American Net on the 22nd of October, 2010 at the heart of the Arab American community, the Arab American National Museum.

Before the premier, the audience were welcomed by the Marketing Director of the Yemeni American News, Mr. Adel Mozip who gave a brief history on the Yemeni American Net and who it evolved to be a monthly newspaper and now a movie production company to become a full media company and raise the Yemeni voice in America. Mr. Mozip introduced Mr. Shaker Lashuel, Board Member of the Yemeni American Net to say a few words on behalf of the Yemeni American Net and shed a light on the Yemeni American Net journey in its last four years of existence. Mr. Lashuel introduced Dr. Rashid Abdu to speak about taking initiatives in our community.

Dr. Abdu set himself as an example of those who take initiatives  to advance communities with establishing a comprehensive breast cancer care center at St. Elizabeth Health Center in Ohio which will be named after his late wife Joanie Abdu. In addition, Mr. Kipp Cozad, a former Peace Corp volunteer who served in Yemen from 1988 to 1990, who’s also featured in the film talked to attendees about his visit to Yemen and his relationship with the Yemeni American Net.

Before the screening, Mr. Abdelhakeem Alsadah gave a few words of perspective of the Yemeni American News and Mr. Rasheed Alnozili, director of the film, thanked everyone for attending and sponsors for supporting the network and newspaper. The attendees were treated a delicious dinner courtesy of Royal Kabob Restaurant in Hamtramck city.

The audience were watched unique stories ranging from Dr. Rashid Abdu’s story to a young passionate rising student, Helal Anlozili who’s looking up to Dr. Abdu as a role model, to Mr. Cozad’s story, to the story of late Khalil Alrefaee and other stories which flowed seemingly in the film.

The 72-minute film finished screening around 9:10 and audience gave a warm plause to what they watched. Ms. Fattum Mutahr, who is also featured in the film, moderated a Q&A panel which had Mr. Alnozili, Mr. Steve Coats: producer of the film, Mr. Lashuel, and Dr. Abdu. The audience had so many questions and were impressed by the quality of the film and selection of pieces.

Film premier was sponsored by Henry Ford Community College, the Arab & American Chaldean Council, Leo’s Coney Island, Fordson’s Market, and Royal Kabob.

Mr. Len Coombs, a University of Michigan Libirian who attend the screening of the film was impressed by the documentary film. “The film was excellent and the discussion afterward was fascinating.” he said. “Actually I think I may have learned more about the community from the discussion than from the film.” he added.

About the discussion and question & answer session, Mr. Coombs said “I didn’t really understand the importance of the film for the Yemeni American community until I experienced the discussion. Your film struck such a deep chord with the audience I was terrifically impressed with the work you have done here.”

Dr. ًًWegdan Mosalem, a Henry Ford Community College professor enjoyed the film as well. “This film is a unique; for Yemeni Americans. The purpose was the film was clear and straight to the point, to show the true face of Yemeni Americans.” She said. “What’s beautiful about this film that it was focusing on Dr. Rashid Abu; who is a role model not for Yemenis only, but for all humankind.” she added.

Mr. Nafeh Abu Nab, a respected photographer who also attended the screening was impressed by the film’s especially its main character, Dr. Rashid Abdu. “A story that is worth telling to the world with the humanitarian faces of Dr. Rashid Abdu and others.” Mr. Abu Nab said. He added “The documentary film was well made: informative and delightful.” Video of premier produced by Hassan Hamed and Steve Coats can be watched online at .Photos courtesy of Nafeh Abu Nab – American Elite Studios.