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What is Twitter? How’s it different from FB?


Defined by Wikipedia as  a rich environment offers a social networking and microblogging service, enabling its users to send and read messages called tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the user’s profile page…

How would I use twitter?

Easy, just visit and create an account and start ‘tweeting’!!

Through your account, you can say whatever is your mind and share it with others…You can also “follow” individuals, companies, news agencies accounts which also “tweet” just about anything!

So .. How’s twitter different from facebook?

Twitter is mostly conversational.. and u can’t post more than 140 characters a post; so if you’re looking for other stuff like posting pictures and expect pics to show, won’t happen; only links can be posted;

Here are some main differences:

here are some differences that come to mind immedately: 

1. You can “follow” most people on Twitter without their permission
2. It’s a much simplier platform than Facebook
3. You are limited to 140 characters for you messages (tweets)
4. There is a wealth of very valuable information being sent around Twitter every day
5. You can very quickly see what millions of people are speaking about any time during the day using the Search facility

So how can I talk to someone?

Easily, by inserting the character “@” , u r talking to them, so for example once u create ur account, u can say, @shabadel hi adel and I will get that in my “Mentioned” tab!

I can also get email notifications when someone follows me or someone mentions my account or sends me a direct message ( still less than 140 characters)

In ur tweets, if there is something particular or topic you’re talking about, u can end ur sentence or within; add the character # before the word…

so for example:

#AliSaleh left #Yemen barefoot!

now, both AliSaleh & Yemen will become links in this tweet and if you click on them, you will see all the related tweets by all kinds of pple about the same topics!

So go ahead and start tweeting!

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